Background Ventilation Testing

Why provide background ventilation testing?


PAS 2035 is an energy efficiency retrofit standard for Government funded measures, providing best practice guidance for domestic retrofit projects.

The IAA have developed a TrustMark approved process for the Background Ventilation Assessment of Existing Dwellings. This is an approach to address background ventilation requirements under pathway A and B of PAS 2035 and provides an alternative for pathway C, whilst not replacing the airtightness testing requirements. Carrying out pre and post Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) installation testing will provide you with evidence as to whether you require additional background ventilation. This may negate the need to install additional ventilation such as trickle vents or door undercuts.

This process has been written to allow both Pulse and blower door fan users to carry out Background Ventilation Testing. However in practice Pulse is more suited to this type of testing so that the full impact of door undercuts can be included within the assessment.


    How to become a Background Ventilation Tester

    To become a Background Ventilation Tester you will need to have attended and passed a training course from one of our approved training providers, which includes Elmhurst Energy and The IAA CS. If you already have your Background Ventilation Testing certificate from the training please apply here. To find out more about training courses please click here.

    Please note that should you wish to carry out Background Ventilation Testing for PAS 2035 purposes, along with being a member of a Competent Person Scheme for airtightness testing, you will also need to be a member of The IAA scheme at a cost of £300 per annum (this includes registration, annual surveillance and CPD). Scheme registration is free to IAA end-to-end members. You can find out more information about the IAA process here.

    Should you wish to carry out Background Ventilation Testing on existing dwellings for purposes other than PAS 2035, for example conversion or extension work, then IAA membership is not required.

    Background Ventilation Training

    Learn how to carry out background ventilation testing for pathway A and B retrofit projects (existing buildings) with our two day Background Ventilation testing course!