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About Us

The Elmhurst Airtightness Scheme is an authorised Competent Persons Scheme created for companies (including sole traders and partnerships) that carry out Airtightness Testing. Elmhurst Energy is the largest accreditation body for energy efficiency professionals in the UK, who support and promote the scheme to its wide membership base.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Air Testers provide quality and accurate airtightness testing reports for developers and building control bodies. Our leading airtightness testing scheme provides reassurance to clients that the work is carried out to a high degree of quality and integrity. You can search for one of our qualified Air Testers below:

Different levels/ types of Air Testers

Level 1 Testers

Authorised to test dwellings and non-dwellings up to 4000m3 for building regulation compliance purposes.

Level 2 Testers

Authorised to test at Level 1 and large buildings over 4000m3 got building regulation compliance purposes.

Background Ventilation Testers

Registered to test for the assessment of background ventilation of existing buildings.

Our Principles

We operate our scheme based on the aims and principles shown below


We provide reassurance to clients that the work carried out by Elmhurst members are to a high standard of quality and integrity.



We are dedicated to providing the highest level of technical support to our members, and always respond to tester concerns.


Trusted, Impartial and Transparent

As a scheme we endeavour to be trusted, transparent and professional in the eyes of all stakeholders.


Latest News

Discover the latest developments and updates from the energy/housing industry and Elmhurst Energy.

We are committed to keeping our Air testers informed about important developments in the energy sector, such as changes in legislation, new technologies, and industry trends.

By visiting our news page regularly, you can stay informed about the latest news and insights that could impact your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you arrange an Air Tightness Test for me?

Elmhurst Airtightness Scheme is a Competent Persons Scheme for Air Tightness Testers, we do not carry out the tests ourselves. We offer members of the public a ‘Search for Tester’ facility which is available on the homepage of our website. Using the full or partial postcode of the property to be tested will return the contact details of Elmhurst testers operating within or closest to your area.

How can I check whether a tester or certificate is valid?

Under the Information section on the website there is a ‘Verify Tester’ and ‘Validate Certificate’ search facility. Entering some key data will return results if the tester is approved by Elmhurst , or if the certificate has been lodged through the lodgement portal.

What are the office hours for support?

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

What insurance cover should I have?

Registered members must have an appropriate level of professional indemnity and public liability insurance in place which meets their business requirements. All lodged tests through the Elmhurst portal will be covered free of charge for both Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) insurance.

What equipment has to be calibrated annually?

  • Fan
  • Manometer
  • Barometer
  • Thermometer

Can my calibration from the manufacturer be submitted to the scheme?

To be valid for testing in the UK you must supply calibration certificates that are provided by a UKAS or ILAC calibration lab. These will need to be updated annually in line with the Current Procedures.

Where can I find the Elmhurst Approved Tester logo?

The logo can be found on the Lodgement Portal under the Documents section.  To get a logo with your membership number on please email:

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